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Parcelforce is known for its extensive parcel delivery network in the United Kingdom, catering to the needs of millions of customers. They handle a high volume of parcels, delivering over 60,000 parcels per hour. To facilitate convenient parcel drop-off and collection, Parcelforce has established a network of over 11,500 drop-off points and operates 54 depots across the UK.

if you're in need of a quote for Parcelforce services, you can utilise Surparcel's quick quote tool to calculate the cost of shipping your parcels with Parcelforce. This tool is designed to assist you in finding the most suitable Parcelforce service that aligns with your specific shipping requirements and budget.

National Services

Parcelforce offers a diverse range of services, including next-day and timed delivery options. Parcelforce will collect your parcel from any address in the UK. Simply choose a Parcelforce service that includes a collection when you book - You have the option to filter their services by ticking the box at the top of the Quote screen to tailor your parcel delivery experience to your specific needs and preferences.

Drop Off Services

You can drop off your parcel at any of the 11,500 Parcelforce drop-off points across the UK, ensuring a hassle-free delivery service both within the UK and for international shipments. you have the convenience of tracking your parcel's progress from the moment of collection until it arrives at its ultimate destination.

International Services

Parcelforce is a trusted courier service that handles over 7 million parcels annually, serving customers across 185 countries and territories worldwide. They provide a comprehensive range of international delivery options, including both collection and drop-off services. To explore their complete spectrum of international services, simply use our quick quote tool.

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UK Timed Delivery

Parcelforce provides a UK express delivery service known as Express 24, which ensures next-day delivery within the UK. They also offer an AM delivery option for shipments that require timely delivery in the morning. For a more cost-effective option with a 2-day delivery time frame, Parcelforce offers Express 48.

Specialist Services

Parcelforce's 48 Large service is an excellent option for sending bulkier items within a 2-day delivery timeframe. This service is specially designed to accommodate parcels with dimensions of up to 2.5 meters in length, making it ideal for those shipping larger or longer items. It's important to note, however, that there is still a weight restriction of 30kg

International Delivery

Parcelforce provides three international delivery options: GlobalExpress (1-3 days), GlobalPriority, and GlobalValue (cost-effective). Deliveries are facilitated through local Post Offices, reducing customs delays.

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