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Landmark Global is a prominent player in the world of global shipping and logistics. Founded in 2004 it is known for its extensive network and reliable services, Landmark Global has become the preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking efficient international shipping solutions.
Landmark Global has successfully established a robust international courier network that ensures a delightful delivery experience for our valued customers, it is responsible for processing over 1 million parcels per day.
Whether your shipping needs are within the United States or Canada, or extend beyond North American borders and to over 220 destinations worldwide.

Landmark Global
Collection Services

Landmark Global, an international shipping company, that does not provide doorstep collection services in the UK, which is why we at Surparcel have teamed up with Evri to streamline home collections for customers. This collaboration also allows customers to take advantage of Evri's network of drop-off locations for sending parcels, with the understanding that the total weigh per consignment is not more than 15 kgs.

Landmark Global
International Services

Landmark Global provides a variety of services, one of which is a standard option for tracked shipments weighing up to 15 kilograms where any customs taxes and duties that might be applicable to the recipient. With Delivered Duty paid services the sender or account holder takes responsibility for paying all necessary customs fees and taxes. Australia, Belgium, Canada, and Ireland can use this service.

Landmark Global
Custom Clearance

Navigating international customs regulations can be complex. Landmark Global offers specialized customs expertise, ensuring that shipments comply with all necessary regulations, minimizing delays and hassles.
Landmark Global's team possesses an in-depth understanding of the intricate web of international customs rules and regulations. This expertise allows them to navigate the complexities of customs procedures with ease.

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Landmark Global
Business Solutions

Landmark Global offers tailored solutions for online businesses. Their services cater to the unique needs of e-commerce shipping, helping businesses expand their reach and provide superior customer experiences.
Whether you want to send a one-off parcel or wish to send many more, we’ve Landmark Global can be a great option.

Landmark Global
Parcel Security

For valuable or sensitive shipments, customers rely on Landmark Global's specialized security services.
Ensuring that high-value items, electronics, and important documents are transported securely and with care.
Landmark offers robust tracking and visibility solutions, allowing customers to monitor their shipments in real-time.

Landmark Global
Before you send

We include a £25 cover per booking. We offer additional cover to up to £1000.

Our top priority is ensuring your shipment's safety and compliance. Please review our Prohibited Items List before sending to ensure full compliance with our shipping policies.

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Landmark Global Economy Drop-off

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Available to Australia, Belgium, Canada and Ireland

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