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APC Streetwise

Streetwise is an APC network member, which means that your packages entrusted to Streetwise will be delivered using APC's dependable services, with over 100 local depots, thousands of customers, and more than 1 million parcels shipped each day, APC is the largest independent courier delivery service, offerings whether you require overnight next-day delivery, secure parcel transportation, or any other logistics solution, at an affordable price with APC.

Surparcel-Streetwise Service Pack:
You can easily book, track, and manage your shipments using our platform thanks to its simplicity.
Utilising APC's wide array of services has never been easier here at Surparcel
To enquire APC's knowledge and renowned nationwide courier services with just a few clicks.

National Services

APC provides collection services for both residential and business clients when booked through Surparcel.com.

Parcels up to 5 kg are delivered by 5 PM the next working day after collection in most of the UK mainland.

APC does NOT offer drop-off services


By clicking here and signing into your account, you can now track your shipment.

Cover Services

We include a £25 cover per booking. We offer additional cover to up to £1000.

Our top priority is ensuring your shipment's safety and compliance. Please review our Prohibited Items List before sending to ensure full compliance with our shipping policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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UK Express Delivery

APC specializes in precise, scheduled deliveries, catering to a wide array of time-sensitive shipments. This specialized service is particularly beneficial for transporting perishable goods and other time-critical consignments. Customers can select from a variety of timed-delivery options tailored to their specific needs.

Large Parcel Delivery

APC offers Large service delivery service, particularly for sending bulky items that can measure up to 2.5 meters in length. It's important to note that there is still a weight restriction of 30 kilograms for this service. Additional charges will apply. You will need to contact our team to request this service.

Large Parcel Delivery

APC has earned its reputation as the go-to carrier for handling delicate, liquid, and high-value merchandise to ship items that require extra care and attention, offers a specialised security service. This service is tailored for items such as electronics or important documents.

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UK Delivery Services

*Deliveries made in around 1 working day

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APC Next day by 10

APC Mail Pack by 10

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APC Mail Pack by 12

APC Next day by 16

APC Mail Pack by 16

APC Courier Pack

APC Lightweight

APC Courier Pack by 10

APC Lightweight by 10

APC Courier Pack by 12

APC Lightweight by 12

APC Courier Pack by 16

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